We’re a Greater Boston based venture delivering free software, awesome innovation and wonky projects. We’re good at taking an idea or concept and turning it into a production ready product.

What do you do?

We build services and automation. We’re a team of highly skilled, extremely capable computer software engineers. We can build microservices, web sites, web services, mobile applications, games, desktop apps — we specialize in high demand, realtime, highly sensitive, high security, user-privacy centric, algorithm-driven, advanced database powered services. Basically, we’re good at building tough things. Our team isn’t like average programmers, we’re specialists and experts.

What Cloud Providers do you have experience with:

AWS, Azure, GC, and IBM/Redhat.

What have you built?

Top secret. More than half of our entire team have U.S. Secret clearance and are certified security experts.

Are you available for hire?

Possibly. If your request doesn’t match our expertise, we’ll happily refer you to another agency. So feel free to reach out and ask.

sales at integralcloudsolutions . com

Anything to show at all?

We try to open-source things when possible, however under our customer’s name. Check us out on github.